[UPDATE] Multiple stab victims spend the night in ICU after bouncer brutality at Sounds Like Summer

The reports have been streaming in over the last 12 hours of the horrific scenes that took place when bouncers allegedly stabbed and beat four event goers at the Sounds Like Summer event in Johannesburg. The public has not taken this lightly and has been posting comments, photos and videos on every social media platform available since the event organisers thought deleting the Facebook event would solve the problem!

Below are some of the comments that have been made on the Sounds Like Summer page wall:




Raw unedited footage of the horrific beatings:

Eyewitness footage of the incident:

Eyewitness account of the incident:
“Olympus has fallen at the Sounds Like Summer festival.

To the people that witness and felt as helpless has I did, this is something I hope can actually make a change and bring awareness against the people that are suppose to look after us, when in actual fact they abuse their authority and position of power.

The Olympus security company not only threw the first punch but they brutally kicked, pushed and punched both people part of the fight and those who tried to break it up. In fairness those who were involved were not in the right either but they weren’t wearing the uniform that I believe holds them accountable, the guys wearing Olympus protection security uniforms are meant to be there to protect and prevent brutal attacks but they were the very people that escalated it.

Their job is to restrain and walk the rowdy people out but instead they abused their authority, the first guy to throw the punch was in actual fact the security official, not only that but after chocking “the man in the red shirt” out cold several security personnel started kicking him while he was laying on the ground helpless. There were at least three to four guys on the ground, the four people that stood out to me were; 1. the “man in the red shirt” the guy who was punched first on scene by the security guard , he was lying on the ground with numerous lacerations after having hundreds of punches and kicks thrown at him, 2, the security guard, who tackled the “man in the red shirt” and (was at the bottom of the dogpile/scuffle) was seen convulsing slightly and bleeding from his ears after other security personal removed the “man in the red shirt”, 3. The guy who seemed to be stabbed in his back as he was bleeding profusely, 4. A women who was trying to prevent more harm was was punched by the security official and fell a couple meters backwards. We felt unsafe and started hastily walking out the venue, as we were leaving a group of people were caring out a friend who appeared to be critical, we moved away so they could go past us.

My friends and I were in no way involved and therefor we have no reason to be biased. We were sitting enjoying the music when we saw the incident started and scrambled away as the fight progressed and moved towards where we were sitting.

Seeing this brutal fight begin, I decided to record it because it was completely shocking how it blew up so quickly and became so violent, when it could have been stopped so easily buy restraining the guy who they thought was a threat and taking him out of the venue. I wanted everyone to see exactly what happened so justice could prevail and hopefully to prevent anything like this ever happening again.

Seeing this has shaken a lot of the observers and put a bad taste in their mouths about future festivals and worries about their safety at any event they go to, will the security really protect you or do you have to fear them too.

To the Olympus protection services, you have been a disgrace for want of a better word, those who abused their authority, you should be stripped from your uniform and held accountable for your actions as a protection service you made those around you feel nothing but threaten and helpless.”

The official statement from Sounds Like Summer:


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