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Minecraft Hour of Code could make you the next Zuckerberg…

Earlier in December, during the annual Computer Science Education Week, an American non-profit called facilitated the worldwide Hour of Code campaign. The campaign encouraged students around the world to code for an hour. Sounds simple, right? And it really is! The Hour of Code has no age or experience requirements. All that is required is your attention to detail…

It is no co-incidence that Microsoft is a top executor of the Hour of Code campaign since Microsoft, as a sponsor of, has committed to increase to computer science education to all youth around the globe. This year, Microsoft and decided to do something different and together created a free Minecraft tutorial that uses Minecraft to teach the basics of computer programming. The tutorial will be available is available in 40 languages making it more accessible to more people around the world in spirit of the #HourOfCode! This year, they have also released a new tutorial, called “Minecraft Hour of Code Designer,” to allow students to build their own simple Minecraft game.


If you’ve ever wanted to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, this might be the first step, try the new web-based tutorial – available for free HERE. The tutorial aims to de-mystify the basics of computer science by introducing players to coding in a fun, enjoyable, environment where players can create their own game experience by plugging together blocks of code to control the behaviours of sheep, zombies, and other creatures in Minecraft. The free web-based tutorial contains 12 challenges which are followed by free play time to create a game using coding concepts they’ve learned.


Microsoft believes that every young person should have the opportunity to learn computer science, giving them the problem-solving and critical thinking skills required in our tech-fuelled world.

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