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South Africans create viral challenge called #DeadPose

South Africans have successfully created the new craze which is not only extremely disturbing, but incredibly viral! Meet the #DeadPose challenge…

Photos of young men and women pretending to be dead under the hashtag #DeadPose have been appearing online bodies twisted, eyes rolled back, and sometimes even placed in graphic, bloody scenes.

The shameful trend started on Facebook

Then made it’s way to Twitter

And finally, it reached Instagram

Karabo Mnisi, the 19-year-old behind the craze which he insists is ‘no different from the ice bucket challenge’ dismissed the backlash as ‘missing the point’.

“We are now only in phase two of these posts,” he said. “The first phase showed no cuts, wounds or blood, but now phase two includes people who are covered in blood, who have been violently killed.”
Mnisi insisted he would not halt the craze until he had achieved his aim – to become South Africa’s most influential celebrity, and warned the graphic content would only get worse until then. 

Mnisi admitted his own parents ‘are not very happy about it adding, ‘but older people do not get it.’

If you don’t think this trend is inappropriate already, let this graphic image dwell on your mind.

If that was not enough; these screenshots were taken from a video where a young girl was tricked into believing her aunt is dead.e


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